2 Inches White and Yellow Stripes Poly Cotton Fabric

Fabric Bravo


  • 1" Stripe Pattern
  • These high quality printed poly cotton fabrics are especially woven with premium 65% polyester & 35% US cotton 
  • The length of the poly cotton fabric measures 60 inches. 
  • Due to it s popularity, the fabric combines the soft comfort of cotton and durability of premium polyester, courtesy of exclusive Fabric Bravo genuine fabrics 

Fabric Bravo presents the high quality printed 2 Inches White and Yellow Stripes Poly Cotton Fabric, 60" Wide - Sold By The Yard . Used for a variety of sewing projects such as dresses, blouses, uniforms, shirts and linings. Other uses for poly cotton fabrics also include aprons, bags, track suits, even denims is and best used for quilting projects. 

For proper care, machine wash warm, tumble dry and remove promptly.