Aqua Teal Bombshell Stretch Sequin Fabric

Fabric Bravo


  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • Width: 54"/55"
  • A slight 2 Way Stretch
  • Backing made of mesh Lace 
Fabric Bravo presents Geometric Stretch Sequin Fabric.The backing is composed of a see through Mesh lace. Which has a geometric elegant pattern along the length of the fabric.The Mini Sequins Are 1/8" Inches. This stunning sequin fabric has tiny sequins sewn onto a stretch mesh in a geometric pattern.
This fabric is 56" wide, with 51" of sequined area.
It is on a 4-way stretch Poly/Lycra mesh backing, and has quite a bit of stretch in all directions.
We recommend hand washing sequin fabrics, and laying flat to dry.